Buyers Agent

For years now I have been involved with the purchase and sale of various yachts and vessels and only realised recently just how much of my work this has become!

This is a good thing as I love helping clients find the right boat, understanding their needs and matching them to the best boat.

I am usually paid on a commission basis, in which case this is paid by the seller, as a percentage of the listing broker's fee, therefore using me to help you find a boat should not cost you anymore.

Alternatively, some prefer to pay me a fixed 'finders fee' in which case I am working exclusively for you and won't receive any other form of commission.  (This amount will be negotiated between us depending on your requirements.)  I am happy either way and above all will be completely transparent however we choose to work together.
(I am not licenced or operating as a yacht broker.)

If you would like my assistance with finding the right boat for you, or selling your current vessel please don't hesitate to give me a call and we can discuss how I can help.

+44 (0) 7980892762

I look forward to hearing from you!


(These are some of the vessels I have been involved in the sale or purchase of.)