Welcome to the YourSkipper Podcast!

This is the start of a regular series of interviews with Captains and Industry Professionals.

Welcome to the YourSkipper Podcast and thanks for taking a moment to download this, the introduction to my new show! I’m very excited to be launching this podcast, I have thought about it for at least a year so it’s great to finally be getting started!

Working aboard SuperYachts, Charter boats and Private yachts around the world I often meet really interesting people, with great stories, so I thought I would take a bit of time and effort to record some of them to share with you.

As I record this my wife and I are in Mallorca, where I started work about a month ago, looking after a 110ft brand new motor yacht that is for sale.
This was a real answer to prayer and came at just the right moment!
Sometimes people ask “so what do you do all day, if the boat is brand new?” Well, trust me there are so many systems on a yacht like this there is always something to configure / maintain / operate / clean or polish!

So anyway, back to the show, my plan is to launch an episode every fortnight or so for the first series.
I have some great interviews lined up, with captains, industry professionals and friends, so please make sure you are subscribed in your podcast app and if you have a moment spread the word, there’s a new kid on the podcasting block!

I’d love to hear the kind of things you are interested in hearing from my interviews or any other feedback, so if you have a moment head over to my website or facebook page facebook.com/yourskipper and drop me a note.

Thats all for now, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and please make sure you have subscribed if you want to receive each episode as it comes out!

Until next time Fair winds and Flat seas!

Music: Rodney Skopes by Blue Dot Sessions