Interview // Calin Bujgoi

Originally from Romania, Calin decided to trade in a degree in psychology for a life at sea twenty years ago. Today he is a rotational captain on a 37mtr Benetti and together with his fiancee Sonia Doucet owns a cruising yacht which they cruise in their downtime.

We recorded this interview whilst he was home visiting family in Romania and I was in Mallorca. Calin has a wide experience which include crossings of the Pacific & Atlantic oceans as well as exploring parts of the Tasman, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North, Norwegian and Barents seas.

From left to right / Cameron, Sonia, Calin and Abi, on Seabelle in Scotland 2018

He has worked on a wide range of yachts, some of which you can see in the gallery below.

Music: Rodney Skopes by Blue Dot Sessions