Interview // Ron Boogaard

Today I’m joined by Ron Boogaard.
Ron is a yacht broker that I’ve known since 2010 We met whilst I was running a 41mtr Tri deck motor yacht built by Premier, one of the Horizon yards.

Ron is the owner and manager of Horizon Yacht Europe which he runs with his wife, Ruth.
They are the representatives for the Horizon brand throughout Europe and have two offices here in Mallorca.

We recorded this interview in the pilothouse of one of their yachts a new, 110ft raised pilothouse model which I am looking after for them until the right buyer comes along.

Horizon have sold literally hundreds of yachts in this part of the world so it’s fascinating speaking to Ron who has been at the forefront, not just of the sales process, but even to the extent of coming up with concepts and sketching designs for some of the yachts. I have delivered various Horizon yachts throughout the med, so have got to know the brand and Ron quite well.

Ron´s first yacht sale was a Princess similar to this, rather different from the yachts of today.
This is one of the new FD range that Ron talks about.

One of my deliveries of an Elegance to Croatia, with Ricardo from Episode 1
One of my deliveries of an Elegance to Croatia

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