Proud Seahorse and Elizabeth G – Hebrides Cruises

Last year (2016) I had the privilege of skippering Elizabeth G a converted Norwegian Rescue Ship for some charters around the West Coast of Scotland and through the Caledonian Canal.

Elizabeth G is a beautiful little go anywhere ship, I even heard a story of one of her sister ships encountering and surviving a 360 degree roll whilst on duty, fortunately the conditions she operates in now are a walk in the park by comparison!

A huge draught (over 3 mtrs) combined with big slow propellers (not counter rotating) and no bow thruster makes her interesting to maneuver and going through the canal she certainly made me work for my keep, you can´t relax your attention for a moment or the lower water pressure between the hull and the bank or lock would suck the stern towards it.

This year Hebrides Cruises purchased the fine vessel Proud Seahorse to add to their fleet and they are already well booked up.

Over the summer I hope to do some more skippering for them so will share more if and when that happens.

In the meantime you can learn more about Hebrides Cruises on their website:

Update – 27-4-18:
Proud Seahorse has now been renamed Emma Jane and painted a lovely blue colour.