Remote Vessel Monitoring and Switching


I met the team from Vesscomm recently and was blown away by their product.

Vesscomm manufactures a range of IOT (Internet of Things) products from their base on the Isle of Wight, and with a background of providing the same kind of monitoring for industry, they are (in my opinion) well ahead of the game compared to many of the 'boat monitoring' systems out there.

This is a truly affordable way to monitor your vessel remotely, whilst at the higher end of their range you can also integrate with onboard digital switching and monitor NMEA 2k data including engine output remotely, if you need for that, this is ideal for charter boats for example.

Vesscomm Lite

£169 / unit

  • Ribs and Small Yachts
  • 15-minute updates (no switching)
  • Monthly Subscription: £3.99
  • (or £200 one-off, lifetime payment)

Vesscomm Analogue

£249 / unit

  • Yachts around 30ft - 60ft LOA
  • 15-minute updates (or less)
  • Live switching up to 4 relays
  • Monthly Subscription starts: £9.99

Vesscomm Digital

£299 / unit

  • Larger or more Advanced Yachts
  • 15-minute updates (or less)
  • Live switching up to 8 relays
  • Monthly Subscription starts: £9.99

Vesscom Solent Installer

I am delighted to have been chosen by Vesscomm as their installation partner for vessels throughout the Solent, and look forward to helping provide you with the peace of mind of knowing, that your pride and joy is in the condition you left her, or if something does go wrong will quickly alert you, whether that is that the shore power has tripped off, the bilges are filling, or that she has dragged from her mooring.

You're not alone!

I appreciate all the variations and options can be quite overwhelming, but that's what I am here for.

I am happy to advise what you actually need, not just what the system can do and then I can come and install the unit for you.

Installation prices vary depending on the complexity of the system, but usually range between £100 - £200 for a 'standard' system.

I'll get you monitoring in no time!