What 3 Words is one of those ideas you wish you had come up with, or at least I do!

Split the entire surface of the earth into 3mtr squares and you get 57 trillion of them.

Turns out that in the English language there are enough words that you can assign three words to each square!

So by sharing a 3 word address, you can find any 3mtr square in the world.

All you need to do is download the App, 

What3words Apple

What3words Android

And then whether you are on or offline you can use it to find the 3 word address of any spot on the planet in your native language.

Recognised by the Emergency Services in the UK you can now give them your 3 word address in an emergency instead of Lat and Long, or trying to describe your location.

Download it now, and one day you might just thank me!

You can find the entrance to our driveway at