Crewing agencies that actually list jobs

If you are new to the industry and looking for work it can be daunting the amount of crewing agencies that are around.

They all want you to update their website in their own specific way and it is huge time commitment, I was keeping a list of all agencies but when I reached sixty (yes 60!) I decided that it was time to just focus on the ones that I find actually helped me and that I would choose to work with as a captain from the other side…

That said, I do have this list of agencies that list the jobs they have available, which I have found quite useful in the past, I´m sure there are more out there now, but hopefully, it will help someone.

Good luck with your jobsearch and if this is of any use to you, then leave a comment below or buy me a beer sometime!


Agencies that list

Dohle Yacht Crew
Integrated Marine Group
Leticia Van Allen
Marine Resources
Dayworker List
Ship To Shore
Superyacht Jobs
The Triton Classifieds
World of Yachting
JF Recruiting
Yacht Crew Register UKSA
Quay Crew – Jobs on Yachts

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  1. julie macnab on February 13, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Hello Cameron, I chanced on your blog as a superyacht chef for many years…….the photo on your blog for crewing agencies…the captain sitting on top is an old friend Paul ( great chap) who I have lost touch with last time I saw him he was pushing a pram in Antibes about 15 years ago . I would love to get in touch with them. I live in Scotland. Have you any idea how I can get in contact to say hello? ( as am not on social media) I know he was on a big boat for many years and may even still be but it would be lovely to catch up with him and his Mrs.